Project : The Shining - Animated infographic ‍
Client : Durham College professors

Description :
This infographic was designed when I was enrolled in the Interactive Media Design program at Durham College between 2019 and 2021. The main goal was to create an intuitive platform to let the user interacts with facts about Stanley Kubrick's movie, The Shining. The platform brings iconic images of the characters with animation features that make the content even more remarkable and funnier. The Shining is a Stanley Kubrick masterpiece that I am a huge fan of the script and photography. I am curious regarding the "behind the scenes" moments of the movie, which brought me the idea of creating an interactive infographic where I can release a few topics about the movie in a playful way. The users would experience an interaction that could let them easily memorize the facts through the animation.

Keywords :
Illustration + Layout Design + Web Design
Inspiration: A photography project that I created during college was my inspiration to move forward with my animated infographic.
Durham College
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