Project : Spooky Rock Paper Scissors game ‍
Client : Durham College professors
Description :
The Rock Paper Scissors game outlined itself when I was in the Interactive Media Design program at Durham College. As part of the brief, I had created an interactive game using different concepts as a mood and implementing JavaScript coding as an asset to improve the user experience. As a horror movie fan, I conveyed this concept to the design, bringing a few references based on famous horror movies and tv shows to design the game characters. I shaped my character "The Nurse" using the tv show "Ratched (2020)" as an inspiration. "The Grudge (2006)" helped me to design my character, "The Hairy Monster" and my last character, "The Butler" came from many different classic horror movies characters. The storytelling brings the RPS rules in a funny battle between the player and those three creatures.

What we did :
Brand foundations, website, design, illustrations