Project : Beyond Track Branding and Interactive System (Design) ‍
Client : Durham College professors
Description :
Beyond Track Outdoors is a branding and interactive retail installation project that I designed during my journey as an Interactive Media Design student at Durham College in 2021. The naming represents a fictitious urban outdoors fashion clothing that evokes technology by a sports brand. The challenge was to apply the branding in digital and printed materials. As far as the colours go, the goal was to communicate modernity and technology inherent in sports brands and reinforcing a connection with nature. I further outlined web banners and films to display on social media. They induced a conceptual mood and an emotional connection through the brand colours and typography. The next step was the branding application on the retail installation. The system has four different platforms for interaction: Interactive Catalogue Station, Rotating Product Station, Touchscreen Ordering Station and Promotional Videos.

Keywords :
Brand foundations, website, design, illustrations
Brazilian Hot Dog
Landing page